How did my child get lice?


The most likely answer is through head to head contact. Lice do not fly or jump, they crawl. Wrestling, hugging, rough-housing and selfies, are all things our children do that open them up to lice infestation. It is also possible, but less likely, that your child wore an article of clothing like a jacket, hat, or scarf directly after an infected person.


What is the treatment process?
You call Lice Combers to make an appointment that best suits your schedule. We will arrive to your home in an unmarked vehicle, in plain clothes, in order to be discreet. We will perform head checks on as many individuals as you like. If we confirm that an individual does have lice, we recommend that everyone in the household gets checked. Lice removal treatment can take 45 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on length of hair and severity of infestation. As long as each household member was checked for lice, your treatment is guaranteed for the next 24 days. If any sign of lice is found during that time we will retreat at no cost to you. Severe infestations will require a free recheck 10 days after treatment. We will explain any and all associated costs before any treatment is performed. You can feel comfortable knowing that Lice Combers is incorporated, and insured.


How much will it cost?

Unlike other clinics, we do not charge by the hour. We charge per head, based on the length/condition of the hair. We do not charge you for unnecessary take home products and we don’t charge inflated head check fees for coming to your home. We have researched our competitors and believe we come to you with the best deal around. See our pricing tab for details. If you are questioning where the length of your hair falls, feel free to send us a photo of the hair and we can give you an exact price. We accept cash and all major credit cards.


Do I need to wash everything in my house?

We recommend that you wash and dry all of your bed linens, dirty towels, and clothes in hampers. Most parents will get this started as we are treating the children for lice. We recommend that you bag up certain items that have been used recently, that cannot be washed and dried without getting ruined. Examples are throw pillows, stuffed animals, hats, helmets, coats etc. Place them in large trash bags, tie them up and put them somewhere like the garage for at least 72 hours. Put combs and brushes through the dishwasher with the heat-dry setting. Lice need a human host to survive. After just a few hours of being off of a human head, lice begin to slowly starve. Washing and drying or bagging up recently used items, and some vacuuming of furniture is all that is needed.


Can my pets get lice?

No, you cannot pass head lice to your pets or vice versa. Head lice only live on human heads. Lice are species-specific, which means there are different species of lice for each animal species that they depend on.

Human lice need human blood to survive; dog lice need dog blood and so on. Therefore, if your child comes home from school with a diagnosis of head lice, your dog, cat or other pets in the household are not at risk of catching the lice or hatching eggs. The species of lice that live on dogs and cats are not able to live on humans.