Lice Removal Pricing


Prices are flat rates, NOT HOURLY.

Short hair that does not pull into ponytail: $49

Medium Hair not touching shoulders: $79

Long hair between shoulders to mid back: $99

Longer Hair: $125

Wet Head-Check Only: $10

Infestations that are 8 weeks or older can incur an additional $50 fee and require a free recheck 10 days after treatment.

There is a $30 minimum charge for the visit. This $30 is good for up to 3 head-checks. Our $10 head check is a “wet check”. It can be very hard to find lice simply by looking, unless the infestation is particularly bad. You need the check performed with a quality comb and an experienced eye, and we provide that at the lowest cost around. If lice is found, the head-check fee/minimum is waived (for the infected individual only) in lieu of treatment.

Other lice services charge by the hour. We do not. We want to do a thorough job of getting rid of your lice problem, without you feeling taken advantage of. Some salons offer a “one-price service” so even if your child has short baby-thin hair you will pay as much as the next child with extra long thick hair. This doesn’t seem quite fair as one will clearly take longer than the other. Other services charge by length of hair like we do, but charge you for mandatory take-home product that you don’t need on top of that! Our services are performed in your home, and we do not charge mileage (within service areas), drive time or inflated head check fees.

Most other clinics make you buy their take-home products in order to guarantee their service. The only requirement for a guarantee from Lice Combers is that everyone in the home is checked for lice. If you believe you have found lice within 24 days of treatment, we will retreat at no cost to you. We ask only that you take a photo of what you found and send it to us on a white background.

We come to you! We are discreet, no banners or wrapped cars informing your neighbors that we’re here to take care of lice!

We use all natural products – Skip the harmful store-bought pesticides that don’t work on today’s SUPER LICE!

Appointment Instructions: Make sure hair is clean, scalp is conditioned, and hair is tangle free to avoid any unnecessary fees at the time of your appointment.  We accept cash, Venmo, PayPal and all major credit cards. Sorry, checks will not be accepted.

*prices are subject to change*

Call or Text to Make an Appointment: 951-344-1230